We are thrilled to have Aurélia join us as the official 48-HOUR RIDE Honorary President! She will be by your side during this journey and sharing the exciting news of our event. She will also be with us during event weekend and give us the go at the start line.

Aurélia has yet to have her wish, but is excited to share updates and take you along on her wish journey.

Aurélia, 5 
brain tumor

I'm still wishing...

Aurélia loves princesses, ballet, cats, chocolate and the color blue.  As she is thinking about her wish, she has a lot of fun imagining what would bring her the most joy.

"Aurélia is a ball of energy and has a joie de vivre. She is exceptionally resilient and is the happiest and bravest little girl I know." - Stephanie, Aurélia's mom 


You’ll hear lots from Aurélia as she shares the journey of her wish, but we wanted to share a few more wish stories with you from some of our kids who have a passion for biking, just like you.

Sharing the power of a wish can help you talk to potential donors. You can share with them that by donating they are helping grant wishes like these.

Click on “see more” to download and read their full wish story or attach it to your email to your donors.

Zachary, 16
brain tumor

I wish to have an e-bike
He wished to have an e-bike that would help him get around without having to work as hard—and his parents worked hard to keep his wish a surprise. 

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Lorie, 16
nervous system disorder

I wish to have an electric cargo bike
Lorie has a playful personality and enjoys making people laugh. Her laughter is contagious. Her passions include cycling.



Gabriel, 15

spinal muscular atrophy

I wish to have a downhill mountain bike
Gabriel's condition does not define him, and he continues to challenge himself in as many ways as he can. SEE more

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