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Manitoba & Nunavut

Right now, we have 58 kids waiting for wishes across Manitoba and Nunavut. It is our local goal to raise $120,000 through Women for Wishes to go towards helping grant some of these wishes!

Check out the incredible fundraising efforts of the Women for Wishes in Manitoba and Nunavut.

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Southern Manitoba

I wish to have a gaming room
Seth, 8
heart condition

Shortly after Seth’s very first birthday, he suddenly fell very ill, resulting in his parents rushing him to the hospital. He was then diagnosed with a heart condition and had to undergo multiple x-rays, CT scans, heart echoes, and relied on additional oxygen support. During this time, his family had to take leave from work to ensure that Seth always had someone with him during these difficult times.  Seth is now eight years old and is doing well! He finds comfort in playing all kinds of video games, exploring new and fun virtual worlds that help him forget all about the realities of his diagnosis.