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You do not have to be a top athlete to participate! Four elements are needed to live a memorable weekend: a team of 2-6 riders, a bike, a helmet, and a smile. A common point brings together over 2,000 riders: the love of children. Imagine the energy that emerges on the track and on the site. It's incomparable!

The concept is simple. For 48 hours, team members take turns on a safe track according to their own schedule. There is no minimum distance or speed to reach. Teams must raise a fundraising minimum and there is no registration fee, check out our FAQ for more information.

Throughout the weekend, participants are treated with love and care. They all have access to: generous meals, snacks and beverages, on-site showers, deluxe toilets, massage therapists, yoga classes, children's special activities and more. 

Over the years, the 48-HOUR RIDE has raised more than $ 22.5 million dollars to grant the wishes of children with critical illnesses. Each year, more than 400 teams, 2,700 riders and 400 volunteers experience this human and emotional experience.

There are so many great reasons to participate to 48-HOUR RIDE.

In addition to transforming the lives of children, you will have the opportunity to:

 Mobilize your entourage and your colleagues;

 Foster team spirit;

 Exceed yourself;

 Contribute to healthy lifestyle habits and the pleasure of physical activity.


We find all different types of bikes on the track: 

You do not need a high performance bike, to make wishes come true!





What are you waiting for?

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