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Your safety and that of all visitors on the site of the 48-HOUR RIDE is our priority. Please view the video below to understand the new security measures on-site during the event. 



· Only bicycles are allowed on site (There are no scooters, no segways, no rollerblades, no unicycles, etc. allowed on or off the track).

· Wearing a helmet is mandatory at all times when on your bike.

· Follow all signage indicating where to dismount from your bike.

· Reduce your speed in front of the living areas.

· The left-hand lane is intended for the lead pack and for overtaking.

· The right side of the track is reserved for casual cyclists.

· When cycling as part of a pack, signal any last-second obstacles and avoid swerving or zigzagging.

· Raise your arm to signal a slowdown when you have a flat tire.

· Do not let go completely of the handlebars to drink or snack.

· Do not throw anything along the track.

· Animals are not permitted on the track.

· Courtesy and sportsmanship are expected behaviors of all participants.

· The captain is responsible for the cleanliness of the living areas assigned to their team.

· Wearing the wristband is mandatory to have access to the food tent.

· No excessive drinking. If you have had a drink please do not ride.

· Alocholic beverages can only be consumed inside the main dining tent.


· Wear bright and reflective clothing.

· Install a front and rear flashing light on your bike.

· Respect the quiet time in the teams living areas (11 p.m. - 8 a.m.).