Don't forget:

  1. Your bike and helmet

  2. Sunscreen

  3. Toiletries

  4. Basic first aid kit (bandages, lozenges, orthoses ...)

  5. Pop-up tent for your team living area (maximum 10ft x 30ft)
    *Don't forget ropes or turnbuckles to secure your tent to the cement blocks*

  6. Sleeping Tent or Recreational Vehicle

  7. Extension cord 100 ft minimum (1 per team) for your Team Living Area

  8. Front and rear light for bicycles

  9. Chairs and lounge furniture for your Team Living Area

  10. Reusable water bottle


+ More:


  • Reusable coffee mug

  • Bath towels

  •  Sandals for shower

  •  Sleeping bag

  •  Inflatable mattress

  •  Pillow

  •  Blanket

  •  Earplugs and eye mask

  •  An alarm

  •  A radiator/heator (even if it is warm, for the humidity of the tent)

  •  Portable BBQ (living area only)

  •  Electric extension cord 100 ft minimum (1 per team) * VERY IMPORTANT FOR RECREATIONAL VEHICLES!

  •  A power bar

  • Cell batteries and chargers

  • Tie wraps

  •  Sunglasses

  •  Raincoat

  •  Spare laundry

  •  Detergent or bar of soap

  •  Spare shoes

  •  Jacket with team name (if created)

  •  Bib/Shorts (not required but recommended)

  •  Helmet

  •  Grease for bicycle chain, gears, rags ...

  • Your YOGA mat, there will be classes with a professional

                       + Smile, good mood and team spirit!

For more detailed information please read the different pages under the EXPERIENCE section on the left hand side of this page.

Download the list here: PRINT

* Please note: Drones are not allowed on the site, since we are located on an airport.

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