The 48-HOUR RIDE event is made possible by partners and teams who are involved with all their hearts. Here is the portrait of:

Our Partners : Solios

Solios, a Montreal-based company, manufactures and markets eco-responsible solar-powered watches. Alexandre Desabrais, co-founder of the company, talks to us about their deep and multifaceted commitment to the Foundation.

What convinced you to get involved?

From the very beginning, our young company has given itself a very clear mandate to give back. As our two families have experienced first-hand the difficult situation of having children with serious illnesses, the Make-A-Wish’s mission touches us personally.

How does this foundation relate to your personal values and those of your company?

On a personal level and as managers of a company, we realize how lucky we are to be in the situation we are in. So it is only natural to give back to those who do not have the same opportunity as us, and we have always been very clear on one point; we will never let excuses come to delay the moment when we start giving back around us. So we decided to start giving back as soon as possible, promising to try to increase our contributions over the years.

"If you are a manager of a company, or own your own company, then you are a privileged person. This privilege comes with social responsibilities, and many organizations need help."

What is the nature of your commitment?

We have 4 levels of engagement with the Foundation. First, from our first year of existence as a company, we took the responsibility of creating two teams of riders for the 48-HOUR RIDE. We are also partners of the event, offering the official countdown, powered by a solar panel. Then, we organize initiatives to give back to the Foundation throughout the year. For example, we have created watch bracelets especially for the Foundation. All profits from the sale of these bracelets will be given to Make-A-Wish. Also, from September 13 to 30, we will donate $20 to the Foundation on each of our sales (using code VOEU20). Finally, Samuel and I, co-founders, are volunteer wish granters.


Thank you to our Sponsors