The 48-HOUR RIDE event is made possible by partners and teams who are involved with all their hearts. Here is the portrait of:

Our teams : Lumenpulse

Dominic Bouliane from Lumenpulse talks to us about his involvement as a rider for the 48-HOUR RIDE. Over the past five years, the Lumenpulse team has raised nearly $250,000, converting the involvement of a small group of cycling enthusiasts at work into a true mission for the company.


Why did you decide to participate in the 48-HOUR RIDE?

I am a passionate cyclist. Lumenpulse is a young company and I quickly became involved in setting up a club. We are a small group that regularly rides together, we motivate and challenge each other. A few years ago, we looked for a cause to associate our club with. For us, the 48-HOUR RIDE is the perfect combination: it's an activity that we love, that we do as a group, and a cause that we are really touched by.

How does this commitment engage employees in your company? 

From the beginning, we had good support. When Pierre (Thériault) came to the office to make a presentation, many people in the company said, "I have no choice. I'm going to get involved!" It really increased participation!

Then, three years ago, we sponsored an employee's child, something that touched us enormously. Again this year, we are sponsoring a child of a person from the company. In these cases, it makes people more involved in the cause.

We have raised $250,000 over our five years of participation. The company gives us $15,000 and we solicit our partners to contribute. Internally, the social club organizes activities, like a bowl-o-tho and a bake sale. The teams work together to raise the money.

"I have never found the 48-HOUR RIDE event long or difficult. This is the first time in my life that I've been to an event where people are so nice! The volunteers, just like the other riders, are really warm and friendly. I also find it very touching to see the children and families who are present on the site."

Do you have any fond memories or an anecdote from previous years?

We have fulfilled 21 wishes during our presence at the first four editions of the event. Early this year, a mother came to visit us with her son, one of our wish children, and her whole family. We don't do it for that, but it moved us enormously.

We also have an employee on one of our teams who did not take good care of himself. He smoked and had poor lifestyle habits. He decided to get involved in the 48-HOUR RIDE. It gave him a goal to get back in shape. He quit smoking and completely changed his habits. It's great to see that!



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