The living area is a festive, unifying, and personalized space for each team. This is an outdoor area along the runway approximately 10 feet in front x 30 feet deep (300 sq. Ft.). Each team has its own living area and is free to organize it as it sees fit. This is where you will spend most of your time. Make your living space look like your team. Be creative!

With experience, we suggest these few essential elements:
  • Provide an easy up type shelter (maximum 10 'x 30'). You will be able to fasten your shelter to a block of concrete, please plan your ropes and ties;
  • Tables;
  • A place to sit (couch, folding chairs, hammock, bean bag, etc.);
  • A 100-foot extension cord to join your 15-amp (110-volt) electrical circuit;
  • Cell recharge.
BBQs and propane gas fireplaces are accepted in your living area only.

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