The 48-HOUR RIDE would not be what it is without its 400 volunteers who work hard all weekend! Volunteers are friends, family, coworkers and corporate groups who cherish our cause. Everyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of children with a critical illness is welcome! 

Please feel free to share this volunteering opportunity with your friends, family and colleagues.

September 6th to 17th, 2019

at ICAR Circuit and Montréal-Mirabel Airport


Volunteer hours are mostly structured in blocks of 4 hours with training one hour in advance. You can select your time slot when signing up.

Tasks are divided into five main categories:

 Setting up and taking down the site;

 Welcoming participants, volunteers, etc;

 Food tent;

 Parking management;

 Helping with on-site activities.


“We love volunteering for the 48-HOUR RIDE. There is a great vibe! We feel taken care of with snacks, people thanking us for helping out and asking us how we are doing. We definitely want to come back next year.”
- Christiane and Sylvie, Volunteers

Group volunteering

Volunteers wishing to sleep on the site may do so in a designated area. You must bring your own tent and other accessories. Please bring a freestanding tent as it is not possible to peg tents on the ground.

You are a corporate group, friends, family, colleagues, sports team, neighbors and looking for an opportunity to come together for a good cause? The 48-HOUR RIDE is the perfect opportunity!

Companies are invited to get their employees involved. Corporate volunteering strengthens the bonds between colleagues and allows for unforgettable experiences. Get your employees out of their office and come help us transform lives, one wish at a time!


To participate as a group or for any other information, please contact:

Sign up today!

When you click on this link, you will need to:
- Create an account
- Fill out a form
- Fill the mandatory fields
- Save
- Click on 'Liste des possibilités' to choose your time slot.

Questions? Please call us at 514 488-9474, ext. 6240 or write to
Thank you for helping to transform lives, one wish at a time.


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