The 48-HOUR RIDE event is made possible by partners and teams who are involved with all their hearts. Here is the portrait of:

Our teams: Campeau Vinet Gauthier, CPA

CVGCPA will have teams at the 48-HOUR RIDE event for the third consecutive year. Luc Vinet, speaks to us about his personal involvement in the event and how he combines fun and fundraising by sharing this weekend with family, colleagues and friends.

Why did you decide to participate in the 48-HOUR RIDE?

We are all very sensitive to children's illnesses and this event is a great opportunity to combine a fun activity with a cause that can make a difference. In addition, the fact that the event is participatory and non-competitive is more in line with my vision of what a fundraising activity should be. I have participated in several events where a competitive component was promoted and I didn’t have as much fun. I believe that the "performance" component should not be mixed with the charitable component.

Do you have any special training before the event?

Personally, I do a lot of cardio regularly and a little bike ride every Thursday at the end of the day. In our teams, I think we all cycle every week in preparation for the event.

What is your fundraising strategy?

I send an email to my work friends. I also organized a small challenge at the office where I doubled the amount given by each person. It worked very well!

People in the office almost all have children and are sensitive to the cause. I have a lot of support. The event poster is displayed at the reception desk so that customers are also aware.

"I have accumulated many great memories by participating in the event. The fact that I have talked about it a lot and given my two sons the desire to do the 48-HOUR RIDE this year is amazing to me. I can't wait for them to experience it!"

What is your best trick to keep in shape and / or keep your morale up during the 48-HOUR RIDE?

We are a group of friends from different teams (CDC, Toitures Hogue, AMCQ) and we encourage each other! We laugh a lot during the whole weekend and try to stay positive and keep our energy up with music!

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